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July 3, 2023

How I Train: Searon Streeter

As a personal trainer and proud new mom, I've had the joy of working with a diverse group of individuals, from basketball players and young children to seasoned athletes. And let me tell you, I've seen the power of personalized programs that cater to each person's unique needs. I also understand firsthand the challenges of maintaining an active lifestyle while embracing the beautiful journey of motherhood. In this post, I’ll share with you my approach to training during pre-pregnancy, pregnancy, and postpartum.


Now, let's dive into the amazing benefits of strength training for women getting ready for pregnancy. It's not just about getting those muscles toned and your body in shape (although that's a bonus!). Strength training plays a vital role in preparing you both physically and mentally for the beautiful journey of motherhood. This is the best time to strengthen your muscles, enhance your posture, and improve overall stability.

During Pregnancy

When it comes to exercising during pregnancy, I make sure to shift my training approach to ensure safety and comfort, as well as your growing baby's well-being. We adapt your workouts to accommodate the changes happening in your body. I emphasize low-impact activities that minimize stress and impact on your joints. Plus, we can't forget about core strengthening exercises and pelvic floor work— they become essential components, preparing you for the demands of childbirth.


Now, let's talk about the postpartum period, often referred to as the fourth trimester. It goes way beyond the delivery of your baby. While the initial six weeks are crucial for recovery, it's important to recognize that postpartum is a more extended timeframe, lasting around six months to a year. It's very very tempting to push yourself too hard during the postpartum period because you often feel capable of doing more than you should. During this period, we focus on proper care, rehabilitation, and gradually reintroducing movements for a safe and healthy recovery. We'll work on rebuilding your core connection and strength while addressing diastasis recti (separation of the abdominal muscles). Let’s not forget about the importance of holistic wellness; there's more to it than just the workouts. Rest, proper nutrition, and self-care are key during this phase.

One thing to remember is that not all athletes are the same, especially during the phases of pre-pregnancy, pregnancy, and postpartum. Each woman's fitness journey is unique, and it's essential to adjust training programs based on individual circumstances and previous fitness levels.

My lightheartedness adds a distinctive touch to my role as a personal trainer. While many trainers prioritize the physical aspects of fitness, my ability to infuse a sense of joy and playfulness into training sessions creates a refreshing experience for my clients. I bring a special energy and a smile-inducing touch to my sessions, promoting both physical and emotional well-being. In addition to your workouts, I want to emphasize the importance of holistic wellness.

So, when it comes to training during pre-pregnancy, pregnancy, and postpartum phases, we need to be adaptable and prioritize core connection and diaphragmatic breathing. By focusing on core strength, engaging in appropriate exercises, and listening to your body's cues, we can navigate these stages safely and effectively. Whether you're preparing for pregnancy, supporting a healthy pregnancy, or returning to training postpartum, an athlete's journey is all about embracing change and finding that balance.

Just remember progress takes time, and your journey is unique to you. My goal is to help you regain your strength, confidence, and vitality. Let's nurture your strength together!

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