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June 7, 2023

How I Train: Zach Bragg

This is the first in a series of emails by our trainers. Head Coach, Zach Bragg, kicks us off.

When people think of a personal trainer, they often think of a person who will help them look good, get strong, and keep them accountable. Although this is very true and every personal trainer at Vero Strength has the knowledge and experience to help you attain these things, what separates us? Our talent and skill are within a specific category, a niche, or “how we train."

In my years of personal training and coaching, I've implemented a number of different programs for athletes based on their specific needs. I’ve coached with an emphasis on general strength/population, field sports, injury prevention, speed training, endurance training, Olympic lifting, powerlifting, bodybuilding, and much more. Every special person that I've had the privilege to work with has helped develop me into the coach I am now. This is “how I train".

Rotational Athletes

I am a certified TPI (Titleist Performance Institute) trainer, so many people know me as the “golf trainer.” Although I work mainly with golfers, my expertise lies in working with all forms of rotational athletes, including golfers, tennis players, quarterbacks, baseball players, etc.

Understanding how the body uses the ground for force and the muscle groups involved in creating speed, power, and balance is how I apply my programs to athletes. Even more important is how to train in a way so that the body doesn't break down from the constant rotation demanded by each specific sport.

Rotation requires that the entire body work as a functioning unit. But some of the main muscle groups I test and develop in my athletes are the upper back/lats, glutes, and core. When these muscle groups are trained correctly, it allows the transfer of power from the ground into the ball in a proper way without pain or injury.

Another role in my rotational programming is balance and mobility. The ability to balance one leg through motion is what separates great rotational athletes from the rest. This requires a huge demand for flexibility as well as coordination.

My programming will help to develop these athletes' ability to create a repeatable, fast, and powerful rotation in whatever facet their sport requires!

Injury Prevention/Unilateral/Post Injury Strengthening

Another focus of my training is helping clients pre- and post-injury.

Although I am not a physical therapist, nor do I claim to be one, the importance of being able to heal the body with proper strength and resistance training is something that was taught to me very early by my coaching mentor Rob Delacruz.

Injury prevention training starts with proper screening. When a body part is not as strong or mobile as the rest of the body, that's when we start to see injuries. Once these muscle groups have been identified, a proper program can be put in place.

Unilateral work plays a key role in injury prevention as well. Being able to repeat an exercise on both sides of the body with the same resistance, technique, and mind-muscle connection shows that the body is functioning properly. These exercises include lunges, split squats, single-side pushing and pulling, single-side carries, lateral movement, and much more.

Many people let injuries put a complete halt on their lives. My passion has become helping people get stronger and healthier, even with an injury!

After a person has been cleared to train again, they may be hesitant due to a lack of knowledge of exercise options. But there is always something you can do! That's where I come in. I can develop a program that will make you feel good and put you on the fast track to health even while dealing with injuries.

As trainers, we aren't just cheerleaders and rep counters. Our passion is 'building a bridge' for our clients from where they are now to who they want to be. With that in mind, each of us takes the time to study, research, and develop ourselves to be able to assist you in whatever specific fitness category it may be. This is how we train!

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