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September 16, 2019

Introducing the Golf Power Lab!

We are super excited about a specific new program we've launched, led by TPI-certified (Titleist Performance Institute) coach, Zach Bragg.

Don't let physical limitations affect your game. The Golf Power Lab at Vero Strength is designed to identify and fix any physical imbalances to create an optimal, effortless, and more powerful swing.

By way of body screening with a certified coach, we can develop a personalized program focused on improving your game through the use of specific exercises, proper movement reinforcement, and mobility.

Our programs are designed around your schedule, from one to four sessions per week, and are appropriate, no matter your strength training background. We work with a wide variety of players, from those just starting out to athletes who have been hitting the links for years.

The Golf Power Lab can make you a more powerful golfer!

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