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March 11, 2020

Jacy - Ms. Consistency

Jacy has been a member of Vero Strength for eight years. In that time, we've coached her through workouts during her pregnancy (if memory serves me right, she was even at the gym on her due date!) and helped her through some structural imbalances. From day one, Jacy has cared about doing things correctly, and, before her workouts, she always arrives early to perform a thorough warm-up and a midline and lower back routine we've designed for her. No matter what, she has remained consistent with a positive attitude, proving those two factors really make a huge difference! Here are Jacy's words...

How long have I been here?!?!?!

When I first walked into Vero Strength for my first assessment, the sight of weights, bars, boxes, rigs, and rings filled my head. I did not have any experience with barbells, my squat was non-existent, and I had never touched or climbed a rope. It was overwhelming in the beginning; but slowly, movements began to fall into place, squats were becoming a bit more balanced, and ropes were being climbed…to the top! I knew I was not going to master everything, but being a consistent work in progress, brought me out of my shell, physically and mentally.

A year later I’m pregnant with my first (and only) child. I continued my workouts throughout my pregnancy. Everything was textbook, and I have Vero Strength to thank.

Fast forward to the present day - I have had my fair share of “setbacks.” I have learned that mobility, stretching, and midline must be incorporated into my daily workouts. I have also been able to find balance, mobility, and midline, necessary to “stay healthy.” I am a consistent “Work in Progress,” and I will never frown on a look from Rob, I love a quick chat with Wendy, and I never hesitate to ask a question. I love input, and seeing improvements. I know my limits, and I have found happiness in myself, my body, mind, and have made some amazing friendships. My daughter Jaya (6) has also been able to join the CF Kids camps and classes. She loves CF kids, and I enjoy that she too is a part of the Vero Strength family. Thank you, Rob, Wendy, and crew, for standing behind us, pushing us, teaching us, and allowing us to better ourselves.

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