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January 20, 2019

January 21, 2019

:30 airbike
10 banded pull aparts
5 bent over dumbbell Y raise
5 frog pumps
:10 frog stretch
+trainer led barbell warmup

Every 2:00 for 6:00
7 Muscle snatch @30-35% (touch & go)

Rest 2:00

Every 2:00 for 6:00
5 Power/muscle snatch @35-40% (touch & go)

Rest 2:00

Every 2:00 for 6:00
3 Power snatch @50-60% (touch & go or singles)

Rest 2:00

Every 2:00 for 6:00
2 Power snatch @65-70% (singles)

3 sets -
5 Plank pike ups on sliders
5 ab wheel roll-outs
3 high amplitude arch to hollow/toe to bar (Beat Swing TTB Drill)

Oh the Pressure!

The new year seems to do one of two things: it serves as a reset to motivate you OR you get overwhelmed because you've been so far from a healthy, active lifestyle that you continue to fail.

If you fall into the latter category, it may have to do with the pressure you're putting on yourself. I've already seen it quite a bit this year. Instead, you can CHOOSE to change your mindset. Think less about "performance" and realize that "it's just a workout." Don't dwell on what you could accomplish in the past. Don't worry about what others are doing. You don't need to set lofty goals. Just move! Make small changes that you can sustain. Get in, get it done, and feel good about it.

It's a whole new week. Be easy on yourself and enjoy the process!

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