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January 23, 2019

January 24, 2019

5 minute AMRAP -
:30 bike erg/row
50 meter sled
100 meter run
:15 soleus stretch
:15 gastroc stretch

As a team of two complete:
800 meter sled push (empty)
2000 meter row
directly into or at 13:00 mark:
6 rounds of:
500 meter bike erg
200 meter run
* 27 minute time cap
*heats of 5 every 8 minutes
*one team member works at a time
*complete the movement before you move on
*split movements anyway

3 sets -
5 V-up to Tuck-up
10 Abmat sit ups
:20 Hollow hold

The Winter Dry Tri
It's back...with a twist! The Winter Dry Tri will incorporate a ski instead of a row (because it's winter, duh?!). We are adding a new element to this event. We will not only award overall winners in each division but the first male and female to complete the Ski will receive $100 each!

The event takes place on Sunday, March 3. Register by February 14 and you get the shirt.

Check out all the details and link to register here:

New Ascent Protein Flavor
We just received the new Chocolate Peanut Butter whey protein from Ascent! It's tasty.

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