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January 24, 2019

January 25, 2019

2 sets -
:10 frog stretch
5 plate squats
5 overhead lying plate stretch
5 T-spine openers

4 sets -
5 front squats + 10 back squats
@55% of front squat

3 sets:
5 each arm half kneeling kettlebell bottoms up press
:20 box stretch
:20 Handstand hold

2 sets -
:10 @90%
:20 @80%
:30 @70%
*rest as needed between sets
*complete each set in continuous effort
*note total meters/split at each percentage for each set

Coast 2 Coast Volunteers Needed

Gym member Brian Duncanson organizes the Florida Coast 2 Coast Relay and is looking for people to be part of the race management staff. The relay takes place on April 5-6 and runs from Titusville to Tarpon Springs. Staff members will help man the transition areas where teams check-in and exchange running partners. You'll interact with the relay participants, record their times, and maintain communications with the Race Directors and other staff. You'll need your own car and be prepared to work through the night as the event is non-stop for 36 hours. The pay is $600 total for the event and you'll receive a hotel room in Tarpon Springs for Saturday, August 6 after the event. If you're interested, please email

New Leggings - Pre-order!

We are offering Vero Strength-branded leggings. I have a sample at the gym if you'd like to check them out. I've worn them several times and love them - they are high quality and fit well, aren't see-through, don't get beat up by the barbell path, etc.

If you'd like a pair, shoot an email to by February 6 and I will place an order. $69 per pair. A sizing chart is below. I wear the same size in these leggings as I do in Lululemon.

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