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June 30, 2019

July 1, 2019

2 sets:
5 Goblet squats + :10 squat hold
:20 single arm Kettlebell overhead hold
6 Talk plank band walkovers
5 T spine openers

Every 2:00 for 14:00
1 positional pause snatch pull (pause in each position for 3 seconds)
+ 1 low hang power or full snatch + 1 power or full snatch
*use full or power snatch to achieve desired weight/outcome

Circuit 1:
3 sets -
1 strict pull up + 1 pull up + 1 chest to bar + 2 bar muscle up (modify: 3 chests to bar pull-ups)
Rest 1:00
1 strict toe to bar + 1 high amplitude arch to hollow + 3 toes to bar
Rest 2:00

Circuit 2:
3 sets -
10 seated bench tucks
8 alternating single leg V-ups
:20 each side tall side plank
Rest :90

1:00 twisted cross each side

Mindset Monday - Community

Many of you have heard of the "third place." Work and home are places you spend the majority of your time, while your third place is your social surroundings outside of the main two. Many psychologists believe that the third place is important for civil society, civic engagement, and feelings of a sense of place. Third places are anchors of the community. Our gym has become a third place for many, a location people frequent to not only work out but also to socialize, get information, better themselves, and hang out.

It's a beautiful thing when we witness people become friends within the walls of the gym, and then it extends outside. For instance, we have quite a few members who have taken up mountain biking and regularly plan excursions. Some members do business together. Others have taken vacations and introduced their families to one another. The mom:30 class helps each other with kids and all ran a Spartan race. They share life's big moments like weddings and graduations and they have reached out to support one another in times of tragedy. This is what community is about.

I'd invite you to look at this gym as more than a facility full of weights. We have a diverse group of people with different careers, backgrounds, religions, sexual orientations, and political views. But, something similar in all of you has created a beautiful community.

If you haven't done so already, get to know the people who you sweat with each day. Not only will you have some very interesting conversations and possibly some fun social engagements, but you may find inspiration. I know I do!

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