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July 11, 2019

July 12, 2019

:30 Bike or Ski
5 Plate squats (tempo: 3 sec down, 3 sec hold)
10 PVC lift-offs
5 Bent over dumbbell ‘Y' raise
McGill Big 3

Circuit 1: PRESS
2 sets -
:20 Box stretch
:20 Overhead yoke hold (modify: barbell)
:20 Bottoms up dual kettlebell overhead hold
5 Low seated kettlebell press

Circuit 2: SQUAT
3 sets -
:20 Frog stretch
5 Dual kettlebell front rack squat with 3-second pause at bottom (add band above knee)
8 Each leg rear elevated split squat - body weight

Circuit 3: PULL
3 sets -
10 Banded pull-aparts
5 Scapular pull-ups
5 Dumbbell bent over rows

2 sets -
:30 hollow hold
:30 Superman hold
5 each side pall of press with 10 hold
*start at any circuit and complete all sets before moving to the next.

1000 m bike erg @60% effort
rest 3:00
1000 m bike erg @ 80% effort

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Food for Thought Friday - Canola Oil

Canola oil. It's man-made, typically contains GMOs, it's processed and it contains pesticides and carcinogenic solvents. It can cause thyroid and autoimmune issues and it's inflammatory. Unfortunately, canola is found in all kinds of foods - sauces, dressings, at restaurants, etc.

READ LABELS, ask questions and, when you can control what you're cooking and eating, use avocado oil, coconut oil, animal fats, olive oil, ghee or grass-fed butter.

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