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June 14, 2019

June 15, 2019

2 sets -
:30 Ski-erg
2 high amplitude arch to hollow/TTB
5 Wall balls
5 Hang power clean

10 rounds for time of:
10 Wall ball 20/14
7 Toes to bar
5 Power clean RX 145/100; M55+115/65

10 rounds for time of:
7 Plate squats
5 Ab mat situps
3 Hang dumbbell cleans

1:00 Couch stretch each leg
1:00 Box stretch
1:00 frog stretch


Goodbye Kelsey

Stick around this morning after your workout or come in at 9 AM to say farewell to Kelsey Zorc. She's going on to big things, first in Quantico, VA.

Kelsey has been a member for the past seven years. I remember when she first came into the gym, asking about our program. She had an energy that was contagious and she had big goals for herself and I was thinking, "I hope this girl joins!"

Over the years, she has become a friend to so many here, always revealing herself as a force of positivity and strength. I think she's the most mentally-tough woman I've ever met. Years back, when she tried out for SWAT and failed to meet the physical requirements (which are the same for males), I had her write her goal on our board of making the team the following year. Put it out into the universe and commit. I asked her if she was willing to work hard to get stronger and she didn't hesitate. When we gave her extra work to do, she ALWAYS delivered and NEVER once complained. She put everything she had into it and, the next year, became the first female SWAT team member in Indian River County, earning the respect of all of us as well as her male counterparts.

About a year ago, Kelsey was shot in the arm during a drug raid. When we heard the news we were so upset, but she gave it no attention and got right back to her mission. Her strong will and positive attitude are something to strive for.

Fast-forward to today, after a two-year journey, Kelsey was accepted to the DEA. She's been smashing the PT tests and we know she will do the same with the mental and intellectual part of her training.

While we are sad to see her leave, we knew she was destined for more and this is just the beginning of what she will achieve in her lifetime. We will all miss her smile and laugh, her low-key competitive spirit, her unwavering support of others, and her little chicken legs! Thank God she has family here and we will get to see her from time to time. We love you and are so proud of you Kelsey, you handsome girl!


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