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June 2, 2019

June 3, 2019

2 sets -
5 Kang plate squats
5 Overhead plate stretch
5 bent over W raise
:20 frog stretch
+trainer led barbell warmup

Every minute on the minute for 6 minutes
2 power snatch @40-50%

Rest 2-3 minutes

Every 2 minutes for 8 minutes
2 power or squat snatch @70-80%
*can use either form of the movement to achieve desired weight

Set 1
1a. Front squat 3-5 reps @80%
1b. Front squat 2-3 reps @80%
1c. Front squat 1-2 reps @80%

3 sets:
5 strict pull-ups
7 bent-over barbell rows
10 ring rows (feet elevated)

1:00 couch stretch each leg
1:00 saddle stretch

Mindset Monday - Motivation

When I asked you all what you'd like to learn more about, one suggestion was motivation. We, as gym owners, see fluctuations in motivation from members all the time. One minute, someone is gung-ho to be consistent in the gym, and then BAM!...they go MIA. Know that motivation is something everyone struggles with from time to time. Even though I am at the gym all the time, some days I don't necessarily feel like working out. If that occurs, I will still do it, but maybe a lesser version of what I was planning. I KNOW I will feel better having moved around. Fitness isn't an "all or nothing" thing. Sometimes you have to listen to your body and know when a little cardio and mobility work is all you need. So, my suggestion is, during those temporary blips in a lack of motivation, do SOMETHING. That could be a beach walk, a bike ride, or coming in to move and stretch.

Now, if motivation wanes for longer, you need to take a hard look at why. Is it dissatisfaction at work? Frustration with family matters? Lack of sleep? Overall depression? Identify it. And get real with yourself to overcome it. Look in the mirror be honest and formulate a plan to get reenergized. Maybe it's committing to the morning classes so your life doesn't get in the way. Set your alarm for 5 AM and get in here (no excuses about this, I've been getting up at 3:30 AM for ten years). Mark it in your calendar, making an appointment with yourself to get into the gym, it's your "me" time. Get to bed early and eat right so you aren't exhausted. Visualize how great you feel after sweating and moving - make it a non-negotiable. Think about the "you" with exercise vs. the "you" without. If you are struggling with depression, seek professional help - there's no shame in admitting you need it.

We all need to move to thrive. Don't become a person who doesn't. You're worth more than that.

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