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June 3, 2019

June 4, 2019

2 rounds of:
:30 bike
:30 ski
:30 row
100 meter jog
:20 soleus and gastroc stretch (each side)

For time:
3 mile Bike-erg (4,800 meters)
Directly into or at 11:00 minute mark,
1 mile Run (1,600 meters)
3/4 mile Row (1,200 meters)
Directly into or at 25:00 minute mark,
Half mile Ski-erg (800 meters)
*29 minute time cap; heats of 7 every 10-11 minutes
*distances are approximate

200m sandbag carry

2:00 seated forward fold
1:00 (each side) 3 way hamstring stretch
1:00 (each side) gastroc and soles stretch
2:00 saddle stretch


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Trivia Time - Win a Shirt!

I was thinking about all the amazing people we have at the gym, so decided to put together a little trivia quiz. Below are ten questions. Post to comments with your answers. The first person with seven correct answers wins a shirt of choice. Post to comments (if your answers don't post immediately, don't worry, they will be in the cue to be approved).

  1. Which member became the first female SWAT team in Indian River County?
  2. Which member was attacked by a shark?
  3. Which member started Vero's first brewery?
  4. Which member, with their family business, funds schools in Nicaragua?
  5. Which member founded The Spartan Race?
  6. Which member is in Harvard University's Hall of Fame?
  7. Which member was once crowned winner of Vero's Dancing with Stars?
  8. Which member was the EVP of Calvin Klein?
  9. Which member founded Sunday Strong?
  10. Which member is a 5-time CrossFit Games athlete?

Post your answers to comments. I will reveal the answers tomorrow!

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