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January 26, 2022

Making Time

At the risk of sounding dramatic, when someone quits the gym it crushes us. Our churn rate is extremely low compared to other gyms in this space, but still, we get sad and frustrated. No one here is just a number. We wonder what we could have done differently.

Most times, the people who quit fall into one of two camps:

  1. They rarely even came in to work out (and we can't force anyone!).
  2. They say they don’t have enough time.

I believe that the vast majority of us DO have time. When someone uses that excuse, I am reminded of our long-time member, Rachel Holcomb, who is a single mother of two young kids, enrolled in pre-med school, and has a job. Whew!

I also think of:

  • Our teachers who come in at 5 AM to be able to make an early work time.
  • Our nurses and doctors have had it rough these past two years and work in understaffed hospitals.
  • Our members who work in construction, are tired from doing manual labor and still come in after a long day of work (even in the summer…oof).
  • Our members who live in Sebastian and make the drive.
  • Our members commute as far as Palm Bay and Stuart for work.

Hopefully, you get my point.

Three hours a week isn’t much to ask. What “time suckers” are you engaging in - binge-watching Netflix, sitting on the couch scrolling through social media, happy hour, staying up late and sleeping in?

We have showers. Your kids are welcome here. There are few people who can truly use time as an excuse.

Fitness is a choice. And, in my opinion, we need to honor the able bodies we’ve been given by making time for it. If you don’t, there will come a day you will wish you had made the time.

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