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March 4, 2019

March 5, 2019

4:00 AMRAP -
:30 Ski
100 Meter run
:30 Row
5 Burpee box jump over
:30 Air bike
5 Russian kettlebell swings

For time:
3 rounds
15/12 Calories ski
150 Meter run
directly into
3 rounds
15/12 Calories row
15 Burpee box jump over
directly into
3 rounds
15/12 Calories air bike
15 Kettlebell swings 55/35
*Heats of 7 every 10 minutes
22 Minute time cap

For time:
3 rounds
10 Calories ski
100 Meter run
directly into
3 rounds
10 Calories row
10 Burpees
directly into
3 rounds
10 Calories air bike
10 Russian kettlebell swings

3 sets of:
5 D-ball or sandbag ground to over shoulder 100/75
5 each side kettlebell Turkish sit-up
:30 Plank

Dry Tri Winter Challenge Results
The Dry Tri was a success! We had a small group complete a 1K row, 8K bike erg, and 3K run. Here were the winners:

Open Male: Dan Clemente
Open Female: Chelsea Fidgeon
Masters Male: Chuck Sullivan
Masters Female: Laura Toth
First Responder: Matt Harrelson

Fastest Ski Erg Female ($100 prize): Laura Radocaj
Fastest Ski Erg Male ($100 prize): Paul Hamilton
Fastest Bike Male: Dan Clemente
Fastest Bike Female: Chelsea Fidgeon
Fastest Run Male: Hank Wolff
Fastest Run Female: Arielle Bagby

All data can be downloaded here: Winter 2019 Dry Tri Registration - scoringDownload

**If you didn't receive your shirt or medal, please see Wendy

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