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March 7, 2019

March 8, 2019

2 Rounds of:
:30 Air bike
5 Push ups
5 External Obliques opener variation: leg raises
5 Russian Kettlebell swings
5 Goblet squat @ tempo 3 sec down

You can start on any of the three circuits shown below. Complete all three sets before moving to another circuit. Rest no more than 2 minutes between sets.

Circuit 1 -
3 sets of:
Max effort Push-ups (20 or more)
100ft Rope pull

Circuit 2 -
3 sets of:
Max effort Strict Pull-ups (10 or more)
10 Dumbbell bench press
8 Feet elevated ring row

Circuit 3 -
3 sets of:
5 Tempo Sandbag squats (3 seconds down, 3-second pause at the bottom, fast up)
50ft Farmers carry


Food for Thought Friday - Always Hungry?
If you're eating enough calories to sustain you, but always feel hungry, there may be several reasons.
1. Too much salt - research shows that too much salt triggers the body to conserve water by producing a compound called urea. This process requires a lot of calories, so it increases your appetite. Since processed foods contain lots of salt, stick to whole food sources.
2. You're not starting the day optimally - eating quick-digesting carbs like cereal or waffles for breakfast " wakes up"your hunger hormones and makes them active all day. That's because these types of foods spike insulin and cortisol, which make your blood sugar dip so you get hungry again. This yo-yo effect is most volatile when you wake because you have an empty stomach. To keep blood sugar more stable, consume lower-starch carbs like vegetables during breakfast and save the starchy ones for later in the day.
3. Anxiety - if stresses keep you up at night, lack of sleep can increase your appetite. Stress raises your levels of cortisol, which can stimulate your hunger. So, try and chill!
4. Grazing - eating all day can throw off your hunger response. So instead, eat full meals every four hours or so and make sure you are ingesting protein, fiber, and healthy fats at meals.
5. Boredom - research shows that we tend to grab things like chips and sweets when we are bored. If this is true for you, ask yourself if you are truly hungry. When you are at, focus on the experience and enjoy it, rather than quickly packing it in.
Hopefully these tips can help you determine if your eating habits are affecting your hunger. I know, for me, stress will cause me to mindlessly and quickly eat, so I need to take a second and be aware of what I'm truly feeling.

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