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May 22, 2019

May 23, 2019

2 rounds -
:30 Bike or Ski
10 Standing toe touches
5 Box step ups/Box Jumps

For time:
Alternating rounds for 6 rounds of,
15/12 Calorie Ski-Erg
10 Box Jump Overs RX 24/20; M55+ 20/16
5 Burpees
Directly into,
4000 meter Bike-erg
*split Bike-erg any-way; one partner works at a time

3 sets -
McGill Big 3
5 each leg :05 curl up
:20 side plank R/L
10 Alternating bird dogs


Our Sweat program just keeps getting better. We program the workouts to a template so that participants can better know what to expect each day. Here's how it looks:

  • Monday: Endurance
  • Wednesday: Strength
  • Thursday: Bikes/Ride or Die
  • Friday: Speed/Intervals
  • Saturday: Circuit Training

If you have friends and family interested in training, without using barbells, they will love Sweat! We meet Monday/Wednesday/Friday at 8 AM; Thursday at 8:30 AM and Saturday at 10 AM. The first class is free and we plan on adding more hours in the future.

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