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May 2, 2019

May 3, 2019

2 sets -
5 external oblique opener variation: leg raise
5 Glute bridges Kettlebell or dumbbell
5 Kang plate squats
:20 frog stretch

Back squat
Work up to a heavy 1 rep close or at max Then do a max set of strict pull ups

Circuit 1:
3 sets -
5 D-ball/sandbag over yoke (yoke around chest height)
100ft farmers carry

Circuit 2:
3 sets -
8 Dumbbell renegade row
:20 each side Kettlebell dual front rack split squat isometric hold
5 each side plank rotations

2 sets -
2:00 run @ 75% (row can be subbed of air runner) 1000 meter bike erg @ Damper 3 90 or above RPM
Rest 4:00 b/t sets

Food for Thought Friday - The Hierarchy of Weight Loss & Body Composition

Way too often, people think that, because they work out 4-6 times per week, that they will magically lose weight and get the body of their dreams. I wish that were true!

The #1 determinant of weight loss is DIET. It takes a long time to burn calories and just seconds to pack them on. You must be in a caloric deficit (with high-quality foods) to lose weight.

Next, STRENGTH TRAINING will help you lose weight. It's more effective than cardio. You build muscle, you burn more fat, you look good. So, prioritize weights over cardio.

In terms of cardio, do what you enjoy. There isn't one type of cardio that's superior to another for shedding fat. And gets lots of activity during the day - park farther in the parking lot, take the stairs, walk your dogs, play with your kids. Our bodies like to move.

Lastly, get plenty of sleep (7 hours minimum per night) and create habits to combat stress (meditation, breathing, etc.). Also, if you're in the 40+ crowd, make sure to get your hormones tested to get a picture of what's going on.

And my parting thought: BE CONSISTENT. One good week isn't going to make a huge change, but weeks and weeks of consistency will.

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