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May 8, 2019

May 9, 2019

2 sets -
:30 each Air bike/row/ski/erg bike

For time:
100 calories erg bike
100 calories ski
100 calories air bike
100 calories row

3 sets -
7 Each way stir the pot
10 Kettlebell dead bugs
15 Abmat sit-ups


It's almost here! Here are the details for the day...please read:

We will begin right at 8 AM with the national anthem sung by one of our Sunday Strong athletes, Patricia Moody. We will also present the check to Sunday Strong. Maria Colontrelle, another of our Sunday Strong athletes, will say a few words. Please arrive for this presentation and witness this amazing organization!

We will then proceed with movement standards (which have also been outlined HERE). The first heat of the day will be Sunday Strong teams, then we will go directly into our gym's athletes. We will use judges for all our teams. A heat list may be downloaded below. Here's a general schedule, we will plan to run heats (37 teams total) every 20-25 minutes, please be ready to go in case we are ahead of or behind schedule by a few minutes!

8 AM: Welcome, check presentation, workout standards
8:20 AM: Sunday Strong heat
8:40 AM: Heat 1
9:00 AM: Heat 2
9:20 AM: Heat 3
9:40 AM: Heat 4
10:00 AM: Heat 5
10:30 AM: Awards for top teams in each division

CharityWOD 2019 RosterDownload

And then, party time! 1 PM is the anniversary party!

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