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September 13, 2022

Negative Self-Talk and Fear

Roughly 25% of people who decide to join Vero Strength and complete their Fundamentals sessions don’t show up for classes and ultimately quit before they get started. Yep, we crunched the numbers, and one in four dropped off without giving it a try.

We reach out to motivate and try to put them at ease. Some people answer our texts, emails, or calls, while others don’t (I guess that’s what dating apps feel like?!).

We understand that joining a gym can be scary and feel awkward, but those feelings will be short-lived if you just walk through the door.

We want to help you to become stronger and healthier.

No one is judging you.

You won’t look stupid.

It will feel foreign…at first.

It’s just a workout.

If you come in, you win.

Don’t let your negative self-talk get the best of you.

Flip your inner dialogue and realize you are doing something good for yourself. You’re meeting new people and learning new things. In time, you will move, feel and look better.

You joined a gym because you want different and better. Remember that.

You have nothing to fear.

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