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January 21, 2021

New Training Phase: Build + Balance

Our new training phase starts Monday, January 25! We are calling it Build + Balance and here's what you can look forward to:

As is always the case with each and every one of our training phases, we will build upon the strength work we've been performing, The goal is that our athletes continually become stronger and move better.

Build also refers to building on the strict skill work we perform by incorporating more high-level gymnastics skills and drills, like kipping.

Balance refers to balancing out the body and overall structure, i.e. working to correct imbalances and weaknesses.

Lots of unilateral work will be done and we will introduce some bilateral off-set strength work. This is where one side will be loaded heavier than the other (for instance, a hex bar deadlift with more weight on one side). This will positively impact core activation and strength.

What else?
Everyone loves the metcon. Our metcon days will trend more towards classic CrossFit-style workouts. Think of shorter-time domains, couplets, and triplets.

Some new introductions to the phase that will both "build" and "balance" are knee health and strength work. This will be in the form of accessory work.

Got questions? Just ask! As always, we are excited to see all of the positive outcomes when our athletes put in the work!

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