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June 30, 2021

On Vacation With No Access to a Gym?

A member of ours told me she’d be on vacation for two weeks, at a rustic inn in Michigan with no access to a gym. She asked me what she should do in terms of working out. I gave her some ideas and also wanted to share them with you all, as we are in peak vacation season right now!

Here are my tips:

  1. Don’t stress out that you won’t be working out like you typically do. Vacations are an opportunity for a reset…relax!
  2. Generally, be active on your vacation. This could look like long walks, some hiking, paddle boarding, biking, etc. Enjoy the outdoors and change of scenery wherever you are going.
  3. Keep up with your mobility routine. You can always go into the Teambuildr app and follow the mobility from the warm-up, going through two rounds of it.
  4. Start your day with a nice jog.
  5. If you are away for more than a week, you can follow our workouts using your body weight. However, you want to execute the movements at tempo (slow), reinforcing good movement patterns.
  6. Odd objects can add a little load. Grab a backpack and fill it with some items to add weight and use the backpack for resistance (or pack an old pillowcase in your bag and add some sand for an instant sandbag). From overhead pressing to squats to hingeing to thrusters…you can do a lot with an odd object.
  7. Eat well most of the time, working in protein at each meal. Start with a healthy breakfast, have a big salad for lunch, but also work in some special indulgences.
  8. Drop into a local gym a few times, if possible, and if you want to. You can go to a big box (globo) gym and do our strength circuits or look for a gym that has group classes.

The most important tip from above: DON’T STRESS. We all need a break, mentally and physically, from working out, our jobs, and our “real life.” A vacation can do wonders for your mental health, so enjoy yourself. When Rob and I go away, we tend to choose destinations where we stay active but don't work out in a gym often or sometimes at all.

You will get right back into your workout routine when you return from vacation and, although you may feel a little “rusty” when you get back, it will all fall into place for you again.

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