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February 21, 2019

Our 2nd Annual Beer Mile

Join us for the Beer Mile on March 16 at noon.

Here are the rules:
- Each athlete completes a mile run and drinks beer four times, before each 400m leg – you will start with chugging a beer, then run your first 400m, and continue that 3 more times.
- Beer must be fully consumed before the lap is begun, within the “transition area” which will be behind the starting line.
- You provide your own beer, must be in a CAN, and must be 5%.
- Cans are unopened, no straws or " shot-gunning."
- If you set your can down to continue the run and there’s still beer left, the penalty will be a 200m run.
- Your mile time is noted after the final 400 m run is complete.
- Wear green.
- If you are drinking, arrange for a designated driver or Uber ride.

- RX – participants will consume four CANNED 12oz beers (5% alcohol, no light beers)
- Intermediate/Lightweight – participants will consume two 12oz beers and two 12oz root beers or club sodas
- Scaled/Minor/Non-Alcoholic – participants will consume four 12oz root beers or club sodas

The Details:
-Entry Fee: Free, just show up
- Competitors Need to Bring: your own CANNED beer or CANNED non-alcoholic bubbly drinks
- Starting Time: Noon
- We will award a prize for the male and female winners of each division

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