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January 19, 2022

Our Values

We believe a gym isn’t just a place to work out. It can serve as a “third space” of the community, welcoming all types of people and becoming a catalyst for growth on so many levels.

Along with our mission statement (to lead our members to the best versions of themselves), we have several gym values that guide us in how we operate as a gym and interact with others.

They are…

Inclusion - we welcome all people

Enjoyment - we foster an environment that is non-intimidating, creating a culture of kindness and fun.

Integrity - we do what we say and we have people’s best interests in mind; we respect everyone’s opinion, emotions, background, and intellect.

Knowledge - we constantly seek out education and pass along knowledge to others.

Attentiveness - we pay attention to clients and respond quickly; our job is to support one another.

Commitment - we are committed to helping members become the best versions of themselves while always striving to become better humans ourselves.

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