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September 2, 2019

September 3, 2019

No classes today. BUT...we are posting a bodyweight workout you can do at home while waiting out Hurricane Dorian:

EMOM (Every minute on the minute) for 20 minutes
Minute 1 - 20 air squats
Minute 2 -:30 plank
Minute 3 - 10 burpees
Minute 4 - 10 "bench" dips (use the edge of a chair or couch)

This ends up being 5 rounds. Strive for quality movement. When you complete the assigned movement, rest for the remainder of that minute.

Stay tuned to our Facebook and Instagram accounts for updates on when we will reopen. And, if it looks like we won't be open on Wednesday, we will post another home workout for you!


Vero Strength Fun Facts
Feel free to post to comments if you can think of any other facts!

  • Our first members were Chuck Sullivan, Diane Blais, and Sandy Campbell - they are still here today! Jim Atherton also joined us during week one.
  • When we opened, we occupied one bay (~1000 square feet) and had to do things like box jumps in the parking lot when classes got busy.
  • We were the 750th CrossFit affiliate in the world. Now there are 15,000.
  • We've had six CrossFit Regionals athletes and four Games athletes. In one year, we had three male Master's competitors at the CrossFit Games - Charlie, Chuck, and Greg.
  • We had one person (former coach Elliott) meet his wife at the gym when he took her through Fundamentals. They now live in Texas and have two kids.
  • Danny Colontrelle is the only person with a bathroom named after him.
  • The Braggs hold the record for the most family members at the gym - 11 at one time!
  • We are almost split down the middle in male vs. female clients - 52% men and 48% women.
  • According to the crew who cleans the gym and bathrooms, our men have "bad aim."

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