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September 8, 2019

September 9, 2019

2 sets -
5 T-Spine Opener
5 Overhead plate stretch
:20 frog stretch
5 frog pumps
5 Plate squats + :10 hold at the bottom of each
McGill big 3
+ trainer led barbell warm up

Every 3:00 for 12:00
7 Thrusters (Advanced 95/65, Intermediate 75/55, M55+65/45)
Rest:20 and add weight
3 Thrusters (Advanced 155/105, Intermediate 135/95, M55+115/65)

Every 3:00 for 12:00
7 Dumbbell thruster
Rest :20
3 Heavy dumbbell thruster

10-8-6-4-2 reps of:
Sandbag floor press (tempo: fast up, 3-second eccentric)
Barbell Pendlay Row (tempo: fast up, drop)
50ft farmers carry b/t each set
*this is not for time
*rest as needed
*quality of movement only

2 sets of:
5 Ab wheel roll-outs
8 Curl ups

1:00 frog stretch
1:00 each side dragon stretch


The next six-week training phase will continue to build on what we've been performing the past six weeks - barbell repeatability, pacing, glute/hamstring development, and lunging and squatting, however for squatting we will incorporate other implements, like the sandbag to reinforce proper mechanics. We will also introduce you all to the TRX suspension trainer, an amazing tool for what we are calling "Necessity Work." If you have any questions or comments, we'd love to talk!

Mindset Monday - Routines

Creating a routine can have many benefits. While I am not suggesting that your life needs to be stringently planned out, daily routines can make you feel anchored and actually reduce stress by allowing you to cope with the unpredictable.

Disruptions and "flying by the seat of our pants" on the regular can lead to feeling out of control. Take the recent hurricane. Obviously, it wasn't something any of us could have controlled. During that time, did you try and stick to your regular sleep schedule, did you continue to track your food, did you do your best to move around (maybe doing the home workout we posted)? If you did, you probably felt much better than those who drank for much of the duration of the storm, ate out of control, and sat around constantly.

Consider implementing these routines in your life:

  • A regular sleep schedule: ample sleep is the key to mood, healthy hormones, etc.
  • A healthy diet: the benefits here are numerous
  • Self-care: something you do just for you, whether it be a weekly massage, a daily meditation, etc.
  • Exercise/Movement: make an appointment with yourself each day to move

Now, I'm not saying that you need to be so rigid that you can't react favorably to any curveballs thrown your way or enjoy being spontaneous, but having regular routines can give you a sense of calm and control (mental health).

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