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January 5, 2023

Be a Perfectionist

In my last post, I stated what does and doesn’t matter in workouts. If you remember, getting tons of reps or lifting heavy weights with sloppy form DOES NOT matter. We aren’t impressed if you’re the fastest or the strongest if it doesn’t look good.


Blowing through movements with no regard for technique sets you up for injury and reinforces bad movement patterns, which can also lead to injury.  Plus, bad movement patterns are hard to fix if you’ve ingrained them over time.

And, in the case of a metcon, those sub-standard reps wouldn't even count if you were being judged (Diane would give you a big 'ol NO REP!). You "beat" everyone in class on a Saturday workout, but half your reps were sketchy…no bueno.

We all want to do our best, but a training session isn't a competition.

So, what do you do? Instead of trying to obliterate yourself, win the workout or PR, challenge yourself to strive for perfection. And, that may mean dropping your ego and going lighter and/or slower.

This goes for both newbies and experienced athletes who never took the time to build a rock-solid base. It's never too late to take a step back and retool.  

If you do this, over time, you WILL gain speed and also get stronger. But, you must build over hundreds, if not thousands, of repetitions.

Make your movements look perfect like you would be judged on beauty.

Get 10s across the board!

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