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May 25, 2022

<strong>Investing in Your Health&nbsp;</strong>

Ask yourself these questions:

Would you calculate and file complicated taxes by yourself or pay a reputable accountant?

Would you defend yourself if on trial or seek out an experienced lawyer?

If your roof is leaking, would you patch it yourself or call a roofer?

I would venture to say that, in all of the cases above, you’d pay for a professional.

Unfortunately, many people don’t place the same importance on health-related service professionals like functional doctors, mental health therapists, and trainers. Great trainers - the ones who constantly seek out more education, are well-versed in nutrition, understand the human body, and are experienced in injury prevention - deserve to be treated and paid as professionals.

In the case of our gym membership and/or personal training, we’ve heard “That’s too expensive.” I like to ask, “Compared to what?” Sure, compared to a $19 per month gym, our cost is higher, but our VALUE is much better.

If you do join a gym and go at it alone, there are several scenarios that can happen:

  • You program your own workouts.
  • You find free workouts online (they are free for a reason).
  • You end up prioritizing aerobics-type classes because there’s an instructor.
  • You wander around not knowing what to do.
  • You quit.

You aren’t expected to know how to properly design a workout, much less a training phase! You aren’t a professional in that area.

If you stick with your self-made routine, you may be at the risk of:

  • Repeating the same exercises over and over, skipping important exercises that lend themselves to achieving balance.
  • Overusing some body parts; under-using others.
  • You’re not pairing exercises correctly (this is science!)
  • Not using proper form, and therefore reinforcing bad movement patterns (which can lead to pain and injury).
  • Confusion as when to challenge yourself or when to back down.
  • Not meeting your goals.

Of course, there’s another scenario: you do nothing. And this one is the worst.

It’s time to put a priority on investing in guidance in improving your health. After all, it’s an investment in yourself.

We have personal training clients who budget for a few sessions per week to focus on their personal goals. We have class clients who love the programming and instruction in our classes and realize that, at less than $12 per session, there isn’t a better deal in town (coaching, community, accountability, programming).

Those clients on a budget, in order to prioritize their health, may forego lots of dinners or lunches out, they don’t get the newest iPhone when it comes out, they nix the daily Starbucks run, etc.

I can't tell you how to spend your money. But, I know that you can’t put a price tag on your health. In the long run, you could save money should your health fail later down the road. Being sick is expensive. And it costs you not only monetarily, but also emotionally.

Quality of life is invaluable.

It is our hope that one day, people will put the same importance on paying for professional training services, just as they would an accountant, lawyer, plumber, etc. And a warning: just like in any industry there is a range in the quality of professionals. A kick-ass trainer should have a sustainable plan for you and should help you navigate all the misinformation in the fitness space.

Forward this email to a friend who needs to hear this or, if you’re ready to learn more about us, schedule your free assessment!

For those of you who already “get it,” BRAVO…here’s to your health!

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