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April 21, 2023

Let’s Hear it For the Girls

Fifty-four percent of the clients at Vero Strength are women.

And, as I walk around the gym each day, I am always awestruck by how amazing, strong, and supportive the women we have here are.

In her book, “Strong Women Lift Each Other Up,” Molly Galbraith states that, as women, many of us have false beliefs about who we are and what we must do to succeed. Those beliefs can put us against other women. This can show up as criticizing, jealousy, judgment, gossip, and comparison.

Gyms can be an intimidating place, especially for women. But, our women couldn’t be more supportive of one another!

They give compliments.

They say hello to new women in class.

They use words of encouragement.

They don’t leave others out.

They forge friendships, hanging outside of the gym (this is my favorite).

They get stronger TOGETHER.

Rob and I have always strived to create an inclusive, safe space and the women of Vero Strength make our gym a better place.

So…let’s hear it for the girls! We are better together!

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