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April 21, 2023

Personals vs. Classes

At Vero Strength, we offer both personal training and group classes. And, in order to enter group classes, new clients take a series of personal training sessions to safely learn the movements we use, modifications specific to that individual, and mobility exercises.  

Both personals and group classes have their merits and sometimes the best fit comes down to personality, budget, how the person moves, and/or if they have injuries.

Here we break down the pros and cons of each.



  • Work directly on your specific goals
  • Very individualized
  • Lots of attention
  • Accountability -  you have an appointment to keep!
  • A personal relationship with a trainer
  • Everything is modifiable
  • You’re only competing with yourself
  • Workouts can be changed on the fly if needed


  • More expensive than class
  • Some individuals don’t like to work out alone



  • Price
  • Community  
  • Fun
  • Movements are modifiable for all levels
  • Competitive atmosphere (if you’re into that)


  • Not individualized. We offer a full program, but it may lack things you specifically want to work on since it’s a general program for a general population.
  • Workouts might not be appropriate for the individual on that specific day. (It’s always modifiable but requires you to speak up so we can help).
  • Busy. While you get feedback from the trainers, they watch numerous people at once. So, you need to ask questions if you are unsure.
  • It can seem hectic to some people.
  • Not as much accountability, although we do reach out if you haven’t been in during the week.
  • More of a competitive atmosphere (if you’re not into that), making some people feel defeated.

While you do get lots of attention and instruction in our group classes, personal training is just that…personal! So, group class members sometimes schedule personal sessions to work on their individual goals. For others, the group class alone serves them just fine.  

With either route you choose, we promise to give you our best effort!

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