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February 9, 2023

Why Don’t More Days Look Like Saturday?

The following day, you will have the ability to hit your strength workouts with full focus and intensity because your CNS and your body don’t feel taxed from the day before. If we programmed metcons on all of those days, it would take away from the quality work we've programmed on other days.

Lastly cardio (and that includes metcons) isn’t the best way to shed fat and develop your physique. It’s strength training for the win.

High-quality training demands that you separate strength and cardio sessions for maximum benefit and adaptation.

All that said, testing is fun! And we enjoy throwing down on occasion. But, it doesn’t lead to better movement and more strength if done too often. We have a duty to “do no harm” with our programming. We want to feel good about what we deliver to our clients and we want to reduce the chances of injury happening.  That's why we don't program metcons/tests too often.

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