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July 13, 2021

Summer 2021 Survey Results

Each time I send out the survey, I always get a little nervous and excited. I’ve said before that I view feedback as a gift and I truly do. All the members of Vero Strength mean a lot to us and I thank you all for your feedback. Most everyone who had suggestions phrased them in just that way - suggestions instead of complaints.

This was our best survey yet, but we are always looking for ways to improve, so let this serve as an “open door” policy to you all - you always have a voice here!

Now, on to the results…

Overall Experience - 5 stars! (4.95)

Would You Refer to a Friend? - 5 stars! (4.96)

Coaching - 9.8! I was happy to see that we received all 8s, 9s and 10s, with the exception of one 6.

In terms of suggestions, there were things like upgrading the bike seats and ordering some dumbbell sizes we don’t have. We have ordered bike seats and dumbbells and are on the lookout for more. One member suggested some new mobility movements and we’ve already begun implementing a few in the warm-ups (although we will continue to use the ones that work and need repetition).

Again and again, the following three things were written as the favorite parts of Vero Strength: coaching, programming, and community/members.

Some of our favorite comments were:

Thank you for helping me fight off Father Time.

Even though it stinks to get up so early and it’s before coffee and I am fairly grumpy, it makes me feel so much better, de-stressed, strong, limber, ready for the day and all that it brings.

The smell of bacon at Cafe 66 and the variety of classes.

I love to watch the evolution of your business...I think it's brilliant.

I really love that the coaches really take pride in their jobs and show that they care about what they do. They also make you feel special and motivate you.

Best part of my day is my time at VSC!

I look forward to my time at the gym! I need it for my sanity and mental health.

The overall vibe - which is inclusive. I see people of all ages, fitness levels, and abilities. It’s a purposeful, no-BS place. Love it!

I’m a better healthier happier person with your team in my life! Also, I think it’s fun.

Always feel comfortable and confident when walking in. Once you get the lay of the land all else simply falls into place. The coaches definitely have roaming eyes and wandering legs that allow them to be true coaches with a voice of correction and/or encouragement.

I never stop learning. Every day is a new challenge.

I love the atmosphere that I walk into every class. It is always so upbeat and fun and always brings a smile to my face which makes working out that much easier.

Thanks for being our friends. You have done a great job building community and taking your gym atmosphere away from elitism to a place where anyone can feel comfortable coming.

Still my favorite hour of the day; thanks for being awesome!

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