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Wendy Shafranski


November 8, 2023

"That's Hard"

Some of the excuses I hear cause frustration, so allow me to rant a bit.

We often hear the following:  

- Getting to the gym is hard.

- Working out is hard.

- Lifting this weight is hard.

- Cutting out the nightly cocktail is hard.

- Tracking my food is hard.

- Getting up early is hard.

You know what’s ACTUALLY hard?

- Not being able to recover from a fall.

- Carrying around extra weight.

- Being weak.

- The Four Horsemen: Cancer, heart disease, neurogenerative disease, and type 2 diabetes (and related metabolic dysfunction).

- Not having energy to carry you through your day.

- Sitting out activities while your loved ones enjoy them.

My intention with this post isn’t to offend, although it might. My goal is to change attitudes about what “hard” is.

Choose “hard” now, or harder later.

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