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March 4, 2020

The Beer Mile

For the third year, we will hold The Beer Mile, right before St. Patrick's Day,
on Saturday, March 14.

The Beer Mile is a mile run with a “chug” every 400 meters. Here are the rules:

  • Before each 400m leg, you will chug a beer. After your first 400m, continue that 3 more times.
  • Beer must be consumed before the lap is begun, within the “transition area” which will be behind the starting line.
  • If you set your can down to continue the run and there’s still beer left, the penalty will be a 200m run.
  • Your mile time is noted after the final 400 m run is complete.
  • Wear green
  • If you are drinking, arrange for a designated driver or Uber ride.


RX – participants will consume four 12oz beers (5% alcohol, no light beers)

Intermediate/Lightweight – participants will consume two 12oz beers and two 12oz root beers or club sodas

Scaled/Minor/Non-Alcoholic – participants will consume four 12oz root beers or club sodas

The Details:

Entry Fee: Free

Competitors Need to Bring: your own CANNED beer or CANNED root beer

Winners earn bragging rights and a choice of a shirt from our retail store!

Starting Time: 11am

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