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September 30, 2020

The Value of Fitness & Fitness Professionals

The fitness business is fairly young compared to other industries. And it has a pretty low barrier to entry. Cheap training programs are very accessible online. Ten-dollar-per-month gyms are easy to find. I think that these factors come into play when stating that the general public doesn’t always seem to value fitness enough to invest time and money in.

A good coach is like a good mechanic or accountant…sure you can do it yourself, but the outcome will be so much better with the help of a professional.

While some people do see the value in investing money in programming, coaching, and personal training, there are way too many that do not. This is not only apparent when looking at current obesity statistics, but it also hits home when someone expresses “sticker shock” about monthly gym and personal training fees or opts for the cheapest option. Vero Strength isn’t the average fitness facility, charging based on equipment rental, and seeking thousands of members who won’t come in, but sign a contract and are still charged. Instead, our business model and fees are based on service and knowledge.

However, when some people inquire about the price to start or join our gym, we often hear “That’s too expensive.” I would venture to guess that many of these people just don’t value the power of a good program and an excellent coach. Their disposable income may instead be spent on things like weekly manicures or a daily Starbucks, happy hours, and several restaurant meals per week.

If you break down the value of our gym, you will find it’s not nearly as expensive as you think it is. If you’re on an unlimited membership and attend five classes per week, the rate per class is under eight dollars. Eight dollars for a great program and the feedback and guidance of professionals. To determine this “expensive” is to not value your health and wellness, the knowledge of a good trainer, and the power of a sound program. If you’re willing to invest now on your health, chances are you will spend less on healthcare in the future…winning!

In terms of gym services, personal training with the right trainer is oh-so effective as it allows us to focus on an individual, get to know them on a deep level, and personalize a plan to meet his or her goals. But, not everyone wants personal training or can afford it.

Group classes at Vero Strength are our answer to affordable personalized training. We offer classes so we can reach more people and we strive to “touch” each of our members in a personal way.

Now, not all coaches and gyms are worth the price tag. Even the $10 gym is too expensive if you don’t use it. A great coach/trainer is not simply a rep counter or cheerleader. A great coach should be able to progress you over time, give you modifications to movements, assess your imbalances/weaknesses, prescribe mobility, give nutrition advice, affect change in your lifestyle, and, ultimately, influence behaviors with your best interest at heart.

I am sure with this post, I am “preaching to the choir” and hopefully, as time goes on, the mass public will value the role and impact of a coach and facility as much as our members do!

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