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May 25, 2020

These Are a Few of Our Favorite Things...

Oprah has her favorites list, so why shouldn't we, right? Below are, by category, the products and tools that Rob and I can get behind and use on a regular basis, some daily.

Hu chocolate (Salty is our all-time favorite. Rob slaps peanut butter on his) - organic, high-quality chocolate. Available at Fresh Market.
Alyssa's Vegan Bites - I get these at Publix, whole food oatmeal "cookies" packed with fiber. I eat them almost every day.
Zevia (I am a fan of cream soda; Rob likes ginger ale) - available at Fresh Market, Target, and Publix, it's "soda" without any sugar or fake sugar. It's sweetened with stevia.
Butcher Box - high-quality pastured meats (grass-fed beef, heritage pork, wild seafood). New customers are being put on a waitlist, as demand right now is high.
Thrive Market - if Sam's and Whole Foods had a baby, it would be Thrive Market. You pay a $60 yearly membership fee for access to discounted healthy products, from food to wine to household products to beauty products. Free shipping once you hit $50. I buy tons of staples from here, including non-toxic household cleaners.

Kitchen/Laundry Gadgets
Big Berkey water filter - this thing rocks! You put tap water in and the big filters remove all bacteria, chemicals, and viruses. You can literally taste the difference. And you will spend so much less on bottled water in the long run (and no plastics). The filters last year.
Stasher bags (or similar) - you can find these on Amazon or at Target. Reusable silicon bags - no waste, no plastic.
New Zealand Wool dryer balls - instead of toxic dryer sheets, you put a few drops of essential oil on these and they soften your laundry.

Truvani Marine Collagen - you can buy this at the gym or online. It's super-clean, responsibly sourced collagen for healthy skin, and nails and a little boost of protein. I have it in my coffee every day.
Hydrus - electrolytes that absorb in the mouth (i.e. they don't have to be digested in the gut.) We sell this product and I use it daily in my water bottle during a workout. I get calls all the time from people wanting to purchase, as doctors recommend it.
Organifi - Rob is a fan of this brand and its superfood blends made of plants. He drinks red and green during the day and gold at night to put him to sleep. He's also been taking Pure, which helps with focus and clarity.
Zbiotics - drink a little vial of this probiotic before you have cocktails. It contains an enzyme that will help break down acetaldehyde, which is the byproduct that makes you feel hungover. It truly works - at the most, you may feel groggy because alcohol affects your sleep. Order on their website and use ""wendy10"" for 10% off.

Sleep Hacks
Felix Gray Blue Light Blocking Glasses - these reduce eye strain if you work at a computer all day (there are theories that macular degeneration is going to be a big problem in younger generations raised with a screen in front of them) and you can wear them before bed to block the blue light from screens, allowing you to get sleepy. There are many blue light blockers on the market and I highly recommend getting a pair.
ChilliPad - we got this as a gift and can't imagine not having it. Each person controls his or her temperature under the covers in bed. At first, the low hum was something I had to get used to, now it's white noise that puts me to sleep.
Silicone Ear Plugs - you can find these at any drug store. They are much better than foam earplugs, as they create a seal that blocks out any noise, allowing you to sleep in silence.
Weighted Blanket - this is a recent purchase and I love it (it's only used on my side of the bed)! Mine weighs 15 pounds and it feels comforting. If I get up in the middle of the night, it puts me right back to sleep. I got this one on Amazon.

Think Dirty - just because a beauty product says "cruelty-free," vegan," or "clean" doesn't mean it's free of toxins. This app has thousands of products and gives a toxicity score for each. I use the barcode scanner when shopping or searching for clean products and link them to purchase online.
EWG Healthy Living - similar to Think Dirty, this one is from the Environmental Working Group. Between this and Think Dirty, you can find the best, cleanest products that won't disrupt hormones, etc.
Chronometer - this is the best food tracking app out there! The food entries aren't user-generated, like in My Fitness Pal, so it's very accurate and drills down into vitamins and minerals so you can see where you're lacking.

Workout gear
Vuori - this line is known for soft fabrics (I listened to a podcast with the owner and they spend more per yard on fabrics than other brands, cutting their margins a bit). It's about the same price point as Lululemon, but much more well-made. It's my go-to for workout clothing and "athleisure" - I live in this brand! We bought shirts for all of our coaches, too.
Lululemon - I like this line for sports bras. Check out the "We Made Too Much" link for clearance/sales.

Henry Rose - the first perfume brand certified as clean from the Environmental Working Group. Fragrances in general tend to be highly toxic, but this one is not and they have amazing scents. You can pay $20 to get samples, then you get $20 off when you want to buy a full-size bottle.
Beauty Counter - an ultra-clean line of skincare and make-up. I don't love all the products (wasn't impressed with the mascara), but I do continue to purchase the facewash, translucent powder, and brow gel. Other clean make-up lines I love are Mineral Fusion, W3LL People and Honest Beauty. Target carries these now!
Allbirds - hands-down the most comfortable shoe I've ever had. I work out in them, Rob wears him outside the gym. The wool shoes are pretty warm, but the tree material is perfect for Florida. Bonus: they are sustainable.

Mind Pump - the best fitness podcast that also discusses current events. Highly informative and entertaining. They come out with new content several times a week.
Industrial Strength - well-known coach Joe DeFranco, who has worked to get many football players ready for the combine as well as professional wrestlers, talks training here. He's a sweet, smart, funny meathead!
Ben Greenfield - if you are into biohacking at all, this is the go-to guy. Some episodes are pretty scientific, but the topics are fascinating.

I'll stop here! Hopefully, I've introduced you to some cool new things.

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