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June 7, 2021

What does Vero Strength Represent?

To the outside world, Vero Strength is a gym. A room full of equipment. Maybe no more, no less.

As a brand, we say that it is our mission to “lead our members to the best versions of themselves.” This is something we are passionate about; but to the general public, it may just come off as marketing hype.

But, those who know us, can attest that we are so much more than four walls, coaches, and some sweat.

So, what does Vero Strength represent?

This is the big one, but what the heck does that even mean? For starters, it means we have an AMAZING group of members, all working hard to better themselves. That hard work forges relationships, not only between coach and athlete but amongst the members themselves. These relationships transcend to outside the workout. People become friends. They support each other in and out of the gym. Being a member at Vero Strength means you get to interact with interesting people you may never have met, but are glad you did!

We love people, regardless of their background, and we’ve always wanted to create a space for all. Life would be pretty dull if we only hung around people who were just like us. Beyond the fact that our members represent different viewpoints and backgrounds, our program can be for anyone, not just “athletes.” We love working with the general population. We have heard all too often that others think our program is for the “elite,” but it couldn’t be further from the truth. And nothing fires us up more than watching “normal” people start to consider themselves athletes.

The people who thrive here are the ones who consider themselves life learners. We put an emphasis on communicating things like upcoming training phases and the purpose of each. Our members get into the “why,” they listen and ask questions. It’s not “do as I say.” It’s “This is what we are doing and why.” We love reading about fitness. Our goal is for our members to be independent when we aren't around - they can warm up, perform mobility, etc. Autonomy is a good thing.

Hope and Betterment.
Vero Strength, through our guidance and your effort, represents the hope of a healthier, more vibrant life and future. Often, when you better yourself in the gym, the 23 hours outside the gym improve. Confidence soars. You do things you never thought you’d do, whether it be running a 5K, a pull-up, a rope climb or even just feeling stronger and more energetic in real life.

This post may come off as BS to some, but I wholeheartedly believe it. Simply put, we are more than just a gym. We provide the environment, you show up and do the work. We can do amazing things TOGETHER.

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