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Wendy Shafranski


April 10, 2024

Why People Don't Meet Their Fitness Goals

After more than 15 years of gym ownership, we’ve literally seen thousands of people come and go. Those of you in the gym see our Legacy Members proudly displayed, but sadly they represent a small percentage of people who have started at Vero Strength.

Sometimes, departures are unavoidable (like moving away), but so often it’s because the person didn’t make a commitment to meet their goals.

In reflecting on why people give up on fitness, I’ve compiled a list of what we have witnessed to be five common culprits.

  1. Unrealistic expectations. It’s not uncommon for a new member to tell us “I am doing this for a month because I have (fill in the blank) coming up.” Sometimes it’s a big event like a wedding, sometimes they believe they will have a drastic result in a short amount of time. Getting out of shape doesn’t happen overnight and neither will achieving your fitness goals. In fact, the first few months are a learning experience and each day you build towards future success. Fitness shouldn’t have a deadline.
  2. Doing too much all at once. Some people get REALLY motivated when they decide to join a gym and while the enthusiasm is great, often they commit to too much. They are going to come six days a week, do 2-a-days, do Whole 30 and 75 Hard and get 20,000 steps and drink a gallon of water and take creatine, etc.  Making a complete 180 in an instant typically doesn’t work. Those that commit to a few new practices at a time, creating lifelong habits are the ones who succeed long-term.
  3. Not changing enough. On the flip side, some people come to the gym, but don’t change their habits outside of it. They may be consistent in their workouts, but they don’t improve their nutrition, get enough sleep, they drink too often or don’t move much the rest of the day. Those 23 hours outside of the gym matter!
  4. Inconsistency. The act of joining a gym doesn’t get you fit by osmosis. You must put in the work, giving full effort in your workouts. It’s a long road to build muscle, get stronger, move better and become leaner, but the good news is this: once you get there, it’s easier to maintain. But, you must be consistent.
  5. Not seeking guidance from a pro or not asking for help. Some people join a gym and go it alone, either following an online program, writing a program themselves or going in without a plan. Even if they are following a great online program, not having a trainer to watch you move can hold you back. If they are writing their own workout, more times than not they are neglecting something. And going in without a plan just results in frustration. A well-designed program delivered by professional coaches who can also give you advice on things like nutrition and other lifestyle factors is the way to go! And for those who do have access to a trainer, know that coaching is a two-way conversation and those who ask their burning questions get a lot more benefit.

Bonus: ok, I said five, but I’ve got one more! Many people don’t think about their why. It’s not enough to simply state a goal, for instance “I want to get stronger.” You must dig into the why, which is the real reason you want to achieve something. Instead of “getting stronger,” it could be “to be able to hike on vacation” or “to be able to keep up with my grandkids.” Your why can keep you focused when motivation dips.

So, if you’ve got fitness goals - be it losing weight, increasing bone density, working out for longevity, performance, etc. - it takes not only the initial action, but commitment to improve one step at a time. Prepare yourself to take the long road, don’t change too much too fast, look at your habits outside the gym and be consistent. And enjoy the process - it’s fun, motivating and empowering to get stronger and feel great!  

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