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August 1, 2023


The other day, a new member said to me, “During my Fundamentals sessions, I couldn’t lift my foot in the 90-90 hip stretch and today, I did it!”

Marina approached me recently, excited that a new client, who couldn't jump onto the mat achieved a 20-inch box jump!

Both of these instances got me thinking about small wins.

All too often, we get caught up in focusing on the BHAG (big, hairy audacious goal) and we forget that achieving the BHAG amounts to a series of smaller wins.

Think back. What are you able to do now that you couldn’t do one week, one month, or one year ago?

What habits have you formed? Do you eat more protein? Drink more water? Are you more consistent in the gym? Are you able to squat below parallel? Lunge without assistance? Use the ab wheel without the wall.


When I look around at any given class, I am often floored when I realize that someone is pressing overhead without pain, that they’ve hit every position beautifully in a clean, that they can keep their heels down in downward dog…the list goes on. I reflect back on where they started and I am so impressed.

It’s not about throwing up big numbers. It’s not about being able to do slick gymnastics tricks. It’s not about “winning” the workout. Instead, it’s about WINNING THE DAY!

You are all more awesome than you realize!

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