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January 14, 2020

Do Others in Your Household Affect How You Eat?

As a woman with no kids and a husband that eats as healthy, if not more so, than I do, my life is pretty selfish in that I don't have to cook for others, deal with picky eaters and/or have temptations around the house. For others, this isn't the reality.

If you feel like you can't stay on track because your family isn't dedicated to the same healthy eating plan as you are, here are the truths...

If you are the shopper and chef of the household, YOU have control. Buy those healthy foods and snacks. Cook those whole food dinners. Look up nutritious recipes the family will enjoy. Make your kids a part of the process,.

As a parent or spouse, I would challenge you to answer the question of "why are you feeding your family crappy foods?" Yes, I know you have to pick your battles, but I feel that this is one of those worth picking. If your kids establish unhealthy eating habits and paletes now, it's going to be really hard to change that later. TRUST ME. I grew up on takeout, Hamburger Helper, chips and soda. As a 190-pound 20-year-old, I had to teach myself about nutrition and it wasn't easy. I was addicted to sugar and had no concept of what consistuted a healthy diet.

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